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Created by: Agha saib
3 days


12345678malang Dewanaghan
Created by: Penelope
4 days


I am being tech stalked/hacked by my emotionally abusive partner of 21 years, he has been doing it for over half that time that I'm aware of but I only found out myself one year ago. Please record th
Created by: Raj
9 days


Unsolicited text message containing malicious netbank alert.
Created by: Ally
10 days


Called and said something about my case number and that I was to be arrested ?
Created by: Anon
13 days


Very weird call. Said hello as recorded message and hung up.
Created by: Gina
13 days


I have been getting lot of calls from different mobile numbers (including this one), when I pick up, there is a recorded message in Chinese. This is somewhat disturbing as it is obviously not a wrong
Created by: Julie
16 days


This number claims to be telstra
Created by:
16 days


Tôi bị mất số sdt 0703608720