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Created by: Godana
15 hours


I just receive a call from this no saying is frm FXGM trading company want to to investment.
Created by: Nathan
2 days


Indian called twice then hung up from (0434291349) said i called him and hung up but i didnt.
Created by: Jamie
6 days


Claims I have a "private video" in public domain.... I don't make "private videos"
Created by: Abel KOUMOIN
9 days


Je retrouve mon compte Gmail mais mon mot de passe ne passe pas ? Merci de m'aider.
Created by: Simone
10 days


Called once and said I called her, which is not true. Her name is Janneke. Maybe it is spoofing
Created by: Vilma
10 days


be careful, they are telling from Amazon, it is not right
Created by: Petra reif sorbello
11 days


Coola ioannoy called me from 0418494765. Asking me do I live in Australia (obviously) she speaks in a broad Australian accent don't talk to this governing bitch.
Created by: Hebert
11 days


Aún no me a llegado