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Created by: Bob Belzy
1 days


Suspected India "internet service" scam caller, didn't hold on long enough to listen to it all.
Created by: Kyle
2 days


Typical scam saying they have been receiving error reports with my internet connection and I needed to be in front of my computer.
Created by: Rohan
9 days


Who called me.
Created by: Joyce waikari
13 days


Please I need to know who's phone number is this it could be my old number that is being used thank you
Created by: Zeph
13 days


Created by:
13 days


Created by: B.
17 days


This is spam. Lady speaks Chinese
Created by: Dennis
24 days


Did not answer this. Number came in as 779 416 514 and figured without a 10th digit something was up. No message left.