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Created by: Ella
1 days


SCAM!! SCAM!! My mum received a text message from this number claiming a PayPal transaction had successfully occurred and to call back - on a different number again - if she believed the transaction t
Created by: Keith
1 days


0830113143 This is a scam. Do not answer a call from this number.
Created by: Unknown
3 days


Called pretended to be from Australian taxation office.
Created by: Kate
3 days


Voice recording telling me my internet will be cut off in 4 hours unless I press 1 for a replacement part. ...3 days later, still waiting for my internet to be cut off.
Created by: xx
4 days


Called to let me know that there was going to be money taken from my Amazon account and I can speak to customer service to stop it.
Created by: CP
4 days


Got a missed call from this number. When I called back I got a message saying 'The number you have called has been disconnected'. I have this feeling that this is a scam.
Created by: Muhammad Ramzan
4 days


I want to know caller
Created by: Syfullah
7 days


UNHCR offices Malaysia