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Created by: Sithembiso Zungu
18 hours


I recieved a missed call.
Created by: Владимир
22 hours


С этого номера идут постоянно СМСки типа предложения по заработку в интернете. Но самое главное СМСки начали
Created by: Be
1 days


Trying to sell stock on Facebook that doesn't exist.
Created by: 03078239082
1 days


Created by: Anonymous
2 days


Je sui dant leville debukavu.
Created by: Anonymous
3 days


Called, silence for a few seconds then hung up.
Created by: Helen Turner
3 days


They call this morning, about the same time each day. Very annoying.
Created by: Anonymous
4 days


Yawn abo 5amis