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Created by: Star
5 hours


Got a call but person hung up instantly. Not sure what was going on.
Created by: lê huỳnh tiểu phụg
15 hours


làm phiền
Created by: Anonymous
17 hours


Fake delivery notice - Do not open the link
Created by: Anonymous
1 days


Svarade inte
Created by: AJ
1 days


This is definitely a Stan number as they say it is and after checking with Amazon it is not be very careful to not give your bank details to them to pay off the debt that they say you owe
Created by: O
2 days


Scam. Automated voice saying an iPhone 11 was ordered on my Amazon account which was now being suspended due to suspicious activity
Created by: Stuart
2 days


Rang mobile - did not leave message
Created by: Monica
2 days


Recorded voice says they were my internet provider and that in 24 hours my service will be cut off. I hung up before they had finished their recording.